About Us

Putting the Hotel Industry's Best Kept Trade Secrets to Work for You!

In 1986 after years in the hotel sales industry, colleagues Kris Sieradzki and Nancy Hallberg had an idea to take their negotiation skills, knowledge and expertise, developed through years in the hospitality industry and use them to represent and serve industry clients.

That strategy worked and word of their success with time and money-saving techniques soon spread among meeting planners, associations, corporations, trade shows and groups of all sizes.  As the business grew, so did their reputation for skilled contract negotiating, round-the-clock service and the highest levels of integrity, customer support and satisfaction.

Today, Connections Housing is pleased to offer expertise and experience in any city through North America as well as Canada, Mexico and abroad. We are pleased to offer full service offices in both Atlanta and Las Vegas with sales office in Washington, DC and South Carolina. Our Las Vegas office allows Connections Housing a unique perspective and service capability in one of the largest meeting and convention cities, while providing extended service to our growing national client base.

Each step of the company's growth has been carefully planned and managed to ensure that long-term client relationship, not short-term profits are first and foremost among the company's achievements. To accomplish this, Kris and Nancy have stood by their original mission statement for the company:

"To provide our clients with unmatched customer service, knowledge and experience combined with the latest technology and newest products needed to exceed the client's goals and expectations while building a long-lasting successful partnership."

Through the years Connections Housing has grown into a full-service meeting management and convention housing service provider with clients in a host of different industries. We now provide housing services to several of the Tradeshow Top 200 and successfully manage over 150 events each year ranging in size from 10 to 100,000 + attendees.

Of note, we are experts in team and tournament housing and have mastered the unique demands of these events. 

We have partnerships with our clients and are much more than a third party housing company. It is this business philosophy that has secured our 98% client retention rate, year after year and has made us one of the fastest growing meeting planning and housing management companies in the industry!