Attrition Management

Starting Early to Avoid Late Surprises

Perhaps the greatest misconception in the housing industry is that attrition management starts after the event has ended and the hunt for room credit begins. To satisfy room block obligations and avoid attrition penalties, many housing companies perform audits with hotels in the contracted blocks to uncover around-the-block bookings and make sure that each occupied room associated with an event is counted.

At Connection Housing Sports, we do an in-depth post event audit as well, however we go further, much further!  And we start earlier, immediately after effectively contracting the official hotels for your event. We will focus on filling room blocks with a fully integrated marketing campaign that includes:

  • Conducting test calls to hotels to ensure lowest rate availability
  • Constantly monitoring industry trends and published room rates in all booking channels
  • Re-negotiating rates and inventory
  • Enforcing the ability to resell through daily hotel occupancy report reviews
  • Performing regular comparison reviews between event registration lists and hotel room reservations to identify uncommitted guests
  • Identifying marketing opportunities
  • Proactively marketing to fill hotels with potential attrition penalties through telemarketing and pre-scheduled e-marketing campaigns

In-Depth On-Site Audits

When it comes to the post-event audit, we leave no stone unturned. Whether we execute the audit face to face or online, we will explore every possible option to make sure you receive full credit for all rooms booked for your event.

For on-site audits, our housing team schedules appointments with contracted hotels and works hand in hand with a designated hotel representative to:

  • Cross reference the hotel's complete in-house guest list with your confirmed registration list for pre, peak and post tournament/ event dates
  • Identify cancellations and no-shows to validate hotel pick-up reports
  • Combine actual pick-up with audit findings to report the real occupancy of your event for historical records and future trend analysis
  • Re-calculate hotel concessions based on final occupancy numbers

The bottom line is by carefully monitoring and marketing your guestroom blocks throughout the entire housing process and beyond, Connections Housing Sports makes every effort to see that you avoid any attrition penalty and receive credit for all rooms.