Meet The Executive Team

  Connections Co-Founders | Owners
Kris Sieradzki, President | Nancy Hallberg , Vice President
In 1986, colleagues Kris Sieradzki and Nancy Hallberg decided to take the negotiation skills, knowledge and expertise they developed through years in the hotel sales/ hospitality industry and use them to represent and serve industry clients. Focusing their efforts on building, training and empowering a team of talented professionals, the duo has carefully managed each stage of their company’s growth with one core goal in mind – building and maintaining long-term client relationships. Today, Nancy and Kris maintain their hands-on approach – each actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Connections and the development of effective housing strategies for clients.  In addition, each oversees a number of the company’s key accounts as well. 

Marcy White
Senior Vice President
Marcy has been with Connections for more than 16 years. In her role as Senior Vice President, she  oversees and directs sales/service efforts for the company's growing roster of clients in the cheerleading and equestrian sectors, as well as a number of associations and other key groups.  She  also manages all event housing registration projects for Connections client, the  Hersey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau.


Tom Bell
Director of Sports Events
Tom joined the company in 2012 to direct business development for Connections Housing Sports.  His focus includes all team / tournament housing, sports expos, and professional sports.  With a passion for providing unparalleled services, the sports market is a perfect fit – both personally and professionally.  With more than 20 years of  successful marketing and operations experience with technology and service providers, Tom brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the position.  He received his BA from the University of Northern Iowa and continuing education in marketing and operations management.