Online Reservations

Connections Housing Sports uses the industry leading vendor, Passkey, for reservation services -- at no cost to our clients and their attendees. Passkey is the only cloud-based solution that can effectively handle sub-blocking requirements of tournament or group events.

Through our reservation system, we can:

  • Create custom-branded reservation sites for your tournaments/events, including custom graphics, hyperlinks to files and event/location specific information. You and your sponsors can also use this site to market products or services to further generate revenue.
  • Handle reservations 24/7. Your attendees can make, view or modify reservations online 24/7 and customized confirmations are sent via email or fax within minutes.
  • Provide hotels with 24/7 access to their block and pick-up.
  • Integrate with multiple types of online databases, including registration, through the use of an application Programming Interface (API), which can be linked to  form a single transaction for the attendee.
  • Guarantee upmost security. The Passkey production environment is highly secure and PCI Compliant.