Connections Housing Sports can implement a Stay-To-Play policy to increase the economic impact of your tournament/event on the host city.

What is Stay-to-Play?
In its purest form, Stay-to-Play is a policy that requires every athlete to stay at host hotels to be eligible to play in the tournament or event. Stay-to-Play is a tight partnership with your tournament/event, hotels, coaches, teams and parents. The goal is to enhance the housing experience of the tournament by selecting the best possible hotels, improve professionalism, and keep rates low.

What Does the Policy Say?
We can initiate a Stay-to-Play policy that requires all tournament participants (i.e. team directors, coaches, athletes, etc.) to stay in one of the selected host hotels to be eligible to participate in the tournament. Parents and family are encouraged to also stay at the hotel(s) if desired.

Why Have This Policy?
Most parents and hotels prefer Stay-to-Play, in fact most of the hotels love it. Stay-to-Play provides hotels a better chance of filling their blocks and more room-nights from your event helps offset the discounted rates. As your housing partner, Connections Sports, will secure the hotel rooms that best fit the needs of your audience.

What are the Benefits of Stay-to-Play?
There are many reasons why you should consider a Stay-to-Play policy. The most important ones for the Team Directors, Coaches, Players, Parents and other event audiences include:

  • First and most important, we work directly with the team director to get a rooming list that can be used the following week only dealing with minor adjustments.
  • Tournament Cancellation Insurance is provided. If we have to cancel for any reason, you will not be charged by the hotel.
  • Familiarity with a single process and system.
  • Full service call center to assist with reservations and room blocks.
  • Assurance they will have the rooms and keep the teams and/or parents together.
  • Parents are assured lowest rates at properties that best meet the needs of the team.
  • Different price-points and variety of hotels will be offered.
  • Onsite assistance at the event.
  • Low rates are offered to parents who wish to stay at host or other listed properties.
  • Easy check-in with pre-registered guests list.
  • Guaranteed comfortable double-double rooms.

What if We Are a Local Team?
If your team is located at a distance that can travel to the sports event host facility, you will be provided a waiver. We will work with you to determine a reasonable distance that will allow teams to drive to the venue without staying at approved hotels.

What If Our Team Has Already Booked Hotel Rooms?
Contact Tom Bell at or call him at 678-667-2255 and provide him with information on the hotel, size of block, and if you have signed a contract. We will do our best to work with your hotel or find similar or better housing for your team at the event's approved hotels.

A representative of Connections Sports will reach out to each team director via email and a phone call. We will work directly with the individual responsible for the housing aspect of each team and discuss options, hotels, and requirements. We will then take this information and plug it into our inventory that best meets the team’s needs and provide a custom link for them to book their hotel rooms within that block. For those who go to the second round, we will take the base information from the first round, call/email primary contact to see if there are any changes, and then book them into the appropriate hotel.

Connections Sports understands the common needs for team housing for tournament events. We will draw from our years of experience and work with each team to provide a smooth and easy way to select your hotel and handle all of the details involved. We look forward to working with all of you to make sure you and your athletes have the best possible tournament experience.